BREADalert: 6.3.15 | Plain White/Wheat Sourdough

Loaves Available: 4

LoafDrop Opportunities:

12:30 – 1:30 PM: Downtown

8:30 PM – 9:30 PM: North Mission, Hayes Valley, Alamo Square, NoPa

Ingredients: King Arthur Bread Flour, King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour

Leavener: Chef Mark’s Sourdough Starter

New or Different Techniques Applied: Super aggressive squirt bottle steaming



2 thoughts on “BREADalert: 6.3.15 | Plain White/Wheat Sourdough

  1. Really good.
    – First half we ate plain and with fancy olive oil
    – Second half is pbj and to accompany soup

    Very nice spongy interior consistency. Flavor was simple, but tasty, not that sour as sourdoughs go. I thought it was a bit salty (NOT over salted though) but the other two who tasted did not agree. Maybe the outside could have been a bit more crispy? People seem to like their sourdoughs with a serious crust. And it was BEAUTIFUL! I took a picture i can send if you would like.


  2. Delicious! I loved the flavor, and the texture of the crumb was perfectly spongey. I would have preferred if the crust was slightly crunchier, but on the whole I thought it was excellent.


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