BREADalert: 6.5.15 | Cheddar Jalapeño Sourdough (x1)

It’s a bit dense, but cheese + bread always = awesome.

Loaves Available: 1 (other 3 were special ordered)

LoafDrop Opportunities:

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM: Downtown, Mid-Market, Hayes Valley, Alamo Square

Ingredients: Tillamook cheddar, pickled jalapeños, King Arthur Bread Flour, King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour

Leavener: Chef Mark’s Sourdough Starter

New or Different Techniques Applied: Unintentional extended sourdough starter fermentation time

IMG_20150603_225233522 IMG_20150603_225746080 IMG_20150604_012112015 IMG_20150605_243345237


One thought on “BREADalert: 6.5.15 | Cheddar Jalapeño Sourdough (x1)

  1. I shared this loaf with my office – a huge hit! We cut up pieces and toasted them. Here’s some collected feedback from my coworkers…

    “i thought the jalapeno cheddar bread was great! thought the crust was just the right amount of crunchy and that the bread had just the right amount of cheddar. i think one thing that would have made me like the bread a little better is if it were slightly less dense”

    “I like it. But I’m bad at this because I don’t know what food is actually good, I usually just like food.” [Me: “Well, what do you like about it?”] “I can put it in my mouth.”

    “It’s good. Yeah, I would eat this. [chewing]. And will continue to.”

    “Yum. I really liked it”

    “I like it.” [Me: “What do you like about it?”] “The taste. And the texture. Those are the things I care about in food.”

    “It’s really good. The crust has a good crunch, I like the cheese and the bits of jalapeno. I like that it has substance.”

    Laura and I really liked this bread. After toasting, I thought the crust was perfectly crunchy, and I’d definitely recommend that people toast this bread. I had some “raw” (untoasted) and it was also good, but lacked the crunch+gooey and the flavors were a little weaker, or maybe just less luscious. Laura said she would have enjoyed even more jalapenos and cheddar, but noted that she really likes spicy and cheese, so probably most people wouldn’t feel that way about the jalapenos. I thought the pieces of jalapeno and cheddar were the perfect size. Noticeable when you ate them but not overwhelming, and well distributed throughout the bread. (We also had our moments of “woahhh goooood piece” when there was a large cheese bubble). The texture and density were nice, it feels like a bread that could be the mainstay of a meal. I’d put roasted red pepper spread on it or butter. Laura mentioned a mild, soft cheese or serving it with a mild soup. (Mild because she thinks the flavor of the bread was really good and should not be muted out).

    Our only real negative feedback was that there was a noticeable amount of black speckly stuff on the bottom – much more than on the last loaf I got (don’t remember this at all from the last loaf). It didn’t affect the taste, but I think the bread would have been more aesthetically pleasing without the black speckles. (I’m really digging here for something negative).

    Thanks so much!!


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