BREADalert 6.9.15 | Cheddar Garlic (advance reserve)

Loaves Available: 0 (all reserved in advance of baking)

LoafDrop Opportunities:

None 😦

Ingredients: Garlic, Killamook extra sharp Cheddar, King Arthur Bread Flour, King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour

Leavener: Chef Mark’s Sourdough Starter

New or Different Techniques Applied: None

IMG_5066 IMG_20150607_113721413 IMG_20150607_114310183


One thought on “BREADalert 6.9.15 | Cheddar Garlic (advance reserve)

  1. I LOVED it!!! This is one that I always look for when at a bakery. Dense, sour dough perfection with just the perfect amount of garlic and cheese!! Brought it share at a group thing and it was devoured!! Definitely a keeper!!!


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