BREADalert 6.25.15 | Cheddar Garlic (x3)

The sourdough culture is almost healthy enough to get back to work, but we’re not there yet, so this dough uses an active dry yeast pre-ferment instead.

Loaves Available: 3

LoafDrop Opportunities:

Now – 2 PM: Hayes, Alamo Square, Mission, SoMa, Civic Center

Ingredients: Organic garlic, Tillamook Cheddar, King Arthur Bread Flour, O Organic Wheat Flour

Leavener: Fleischmann’s Active Dry Yeast (in a 12-hour pre-ferment)

New or Different Techniques Applied: Longer bulk rise, baking loaves straight out of the fridge, batard (longer) loaf form



One thought on “BREADalert 6.25.15 | Cheddar Garlic (x3)

  1. My office loved the bread! Here’s some feedback:

    – Crust was DELIGHTFUL. Flavor and texture were fantastic.
    – Appearance of the loaf was comforting and impressive.
    – The density / fluffiness of the bread was exactly what I like
    – I like that you can taste the garlic, but it doesn’t slap you in the face

    – Seemed a bit underdone. I love moist breads, but this was a bit much
    – I would have preferred a bit more flavor (garlic, etc)
    – Since the crust was so amazing, the middles slices were slightly less enjoyable because of the ratio of crust to center.

    Maybe a baguette would be a good way to help with some of these points?


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