BREADalert 7.13.15 | White Wheat Sourdough (new starter!) (x2)

Our homegrown sourdough starter has leavened its first loaves!  And we’ve got a giant bag of fancy organic flour!  Breadtestr is on the road a lot these days, but we snuck into our subletted apartment to bring you these loaves.

Loaves Available: 2

LoafDrop Opportunities:

5:30 – 6:30 PM: Within ten minute walk of Montgomery or 24th St. BART.

Ingredients: Great River organic lily white bread flour, store brand whole wheat flour, water, sea salt

Leavener: Breadtestr’s own homegrown sourdough culture

New or Different Techniques Applied: Using new starter, sea salt, and fancy organic flour

IMG_20150712_082504368 IMG_20150712_082945065 IMG_20150713_095757729


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